"See the world. It's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories. Ask for no guarantees, ask for no security."
- Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

About Us

My Wife & I

A decade ago, my wife and I decided to start travelling. We had done family vacations visiting most of the province of British Columbia. We had even driven across Canada and ventured as far north as Dawson City Yukon, we were looking at venturing further afield.

My wife had closed her business, and was fully engaged in her first love —  gardening. I was in the starting of my second career as a web developer, which I could do anywhere. Fall and winter travel seemed the best option.

Things didn’t go quite as planned -- they seldom do.

I rather enjoyed sitting at a table on the beach in Hawaii fixing a client’s website, my wife, not so much. (The waiter who had customers waiting for the table wasn’t impressed either.) I didn’t enjoy having to find reliable WiFi everywhere we stopped. (Not bad now —  but a real hassle ten years ago.)

My wife still has her garden but I closed my web development business a few years ago. Now I spend time planning our next trip and writing the odd piece of software.

The Website

The website started as way for friends and family to see what we had been up to in our travels. It was also a place to test some of the ideas I would use on customers websites. It has had bits and pieces added on here and there. Ideas have come and gone -- it had become a bit of a mess.

Since we will not be travelling again anytime soon, I have started to update the website giving it a bit more focus. Although, it is still a place to test new ideas.

Latest Update

I have started writing short stories and have added a section called “My Stories”. Some of the stories are from my posts on ReedSys and others are ones I wrote for my own amusement,