Since we were travelling during the off season, we hadn't prepared for such beautiful weather. Some of the tourist vendors had closed for the season, still there were many places to shop.

Corfu [2016]

Blue Sea & Blue Sky

We arrived at Kerkira, Nisos Kerkira (Corfu) before lunch, and was due to leave at 8:00pm. We decided to have a late breakfast and start into town as soon as the ship docked.

There was a shuttle bus between the ship and the port entrance. We decided to walk - big mistake. It is a lot further than it looks and Corfu was a lot warmer than I expected.

Corfu Port From Top of Old Fortress
Corfu Port From Top of Old Fortress

Walking to Town

There were taxis waiting to take us into town. It is only a 2.5km walk into town which we decided was better than a taxi. There are two paths shown on Google map. We decide to take the one along the water on Eth. Antistaseos and Str. Xenofontos. Joining a couple that we had met earlier on the cruise we set out on a rather brisk walk into town.

As you go down Eth. Antistaseos, the New Venitian Fortress is on the right. Built between 1576 and 1645, the fortress sits atop a hill with a commanding view of the port and surrounding area. We walked past it, turning onto Str. Xenofontos which takes you to entrance of the fortress. There is a square at the entrance to the fortress and there was a torpedo and other ordnance on display.

From there you can walk up into the old part of the city, 'old town'. Like most cities built by the Venetians, the ‘old town’ consists of a maze of narrow alleyways. They seemed to have been laid out without any planing. They are full of small shops, cafes and open markets. While you might not know where you are, finding your way out of the old city is easy - head down hill.

Local Tavern
Local Tavern

After wandering around 'old town', we went through the newer part of Corfu to the 'Old Fortress'. As you approach the fortress, along Agoniston Politechniou, there is a large green lawn on your left. The lawn serves as the cricket pitch for the local club. If you are lucky enough to be there when they are playing enjoy the game. (You may need someone to explain the rules.)


The Old Fortress & Moat
The Old Fortress & Entrance to Moat

The Old Fortress

Entrance to the Old Fortress costs 4€ - and is well worth the price. 

A 'moat', constructed by the Venetian, now serves as a marina, guards the entrance to the fortress. Near the entrance is a small, but very impressive museum. Inside the museum is an impressive display of Byzantine mosaics and frescoes. Included in the displays are many religious icons.

A set of stairs and a passageway take you to a path leading the top of the fortress. The path is in fairly good repair. There are a few steep sections where the stone path has been worn smooth over the centuries. A most of these sections have handrails - be careful how you go.

The view from the top is fabulous.

Vidos Island - Greek Coast in Background
Vidos Island — Greek Cast in Background

The island of Corfu is across from the Greek and Albanian border. The view from the top of the fortress gives views of both coasts and Vidos island.

Another City — Another Great Lunch

We walked along Eth. Arseniou, which follows the waterfront, back to the ship — stopping at Restaurant Antranik for a late lunch. Being late in the season, we had no trouble getting a table. The view was great and so was the food. I tried a sausage plate, which was a little salty got my taste, but still quite nice. My wife, decided on the marinated octopus which was excellent. And, of course, I went for the local beer over the wine.

Lunch at Restaurant Antranik
Lunch at Restaurant Antranik

After our meal, we continued our stroll back to the ship. As you approach the marina, Eth. Arseniou changes to Str Donzelot. We decided to explored one of the alleys that enter Str Donzelot, coming out at Str. Xenofontos.

By that time we were getting a bit tired, and took a more direct route back to the ship. This time, taking the shuttle from the port entrance.