At a certain age you start to realize that you won't have enough time to travel to all the places you wanted to visit - so you make a "Bucket List". With COVID stealing a year or two from my travel time - I decided it was something I needed to do.

My Bucket List

At 70+ planning anything more than a few months ahead is an act of faith. Planning trips that I won’t be able to take until at least 2022  (see Planning For 2022) may seem utterly ridiculous — but it beats not planning.

On my “Bucket List” I am looking for places that have good transportation systems, easy to walk around, and a rich cultural heritage. We travel in the off season to avoid the crows and prefer ‘warm’ to ‘cold’. 

Some are cities that we have already visited but didn’t have time to fully explore. Others are places on a ‘wish list’, places that we would like to see, but may not meet our needs.

My Bucket List - Edinburgh
We had a 'day trip' to Edinburgh in 2014. With so little time, we only saw a small part of the "Royal Mile" visiting Edinburgh Castle and having tea at The Palace of Holyroodhouse - but not much else.
My Buckect List - Taipei
We had stopped briefly in Taipei on our way back from Singapore. With only one full day we only explored a very small part of this fascinating city. There is so much more to see and do.