CVWS Christmas Party 2022

I have only been a member of the Comox Valley Writers Society for three months but I had taken up the challenge to write, and read a short, one-page, Christmas story on a childhood Christmas dinner. I was more than a little apprehensive as I made my way to the microphone. The previous presenters, all published writers, had penned amazing stories. I had two rejection slips to my credit and had the audacity to be reading my work.

Who did I think I was?

I stumbled as I made my way to the microphone. Not a good sign. Not used to using a microphone I stumbled through my work, getting polite laughter at all the right spots and a round of applause at the end.

Thankful that it was over and vowing not to do that again, I made my way back to my table.

It wasn’t until the party was winding down that a few of the other presenters, whose work I had admired, came up to say that enjoyed my story. That it had reminded them of their own Christmas dinners that I realized, my writing wasn’t all that bad.

Merry Christmas and keep following your dream.

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