All Hallo’s Eve

Today is All Hallo’s Eve. Mama has packed a picnic basket, just a loaf of bread, some cheese, some sweet cakes and something to drink. Papa has a rake and broom. My little sister has a small basket of flowers. Papa has let me bring my own rake. He said I am big enough to help clear the leaves off the grave. The whole village will be at the cemetery. Mr. Abraham will bring his farm cart and we will fill it with the leaves and broken  branches that have fallen on the graves.

Papa and I will clean grandma’s and grandpa’s grave first. Mama will help her brother clean her parents’ grave. Then we will all help clean the graves of ‘the lonely ones’, people who don’t have any family to remember them. We will put flowers on their graves.

At noon, Mama will set out the picnic. There is some wine for Papa and some raspberry juice for Mama, my little sister and me. Sometimes Papa will give me  a little sip of his wine.

After the graves are cleaned and everything loaded on Mr. Abraham’s cart, we will go to the old field behind the church and make a big fire from the leaves and branches. Everyone will take turns telling stories honoring their parents. Some of the elders will tell about the lonely ones so they are not forgotten.

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